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Studies with Internet Support are a perfect solution for all Candidates who want to undertake and finish bachelor's, master's or postgraduate studies, but are not able to participate in conventions at the University Headquarters. With the support of e-learning platform and an innovative concept of studies, it is possible with University Łukaszewski! The requirement of student presence at the University is limited to a minimum, so successfully completing studies at University Łukaszewski is possible from anywhere on earth.

To sign up for Online Support Studies, please complete the traditional Application or Online Enrollment form (available below), and provide information on your willingness to study at a later stage in the recruitment process.


Dear Sir or Madam!

Welcome to the website of the University Łukaszewski, hoping that this visit will encourage you to study at our University.

Our University, celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, prides itself on the fact that we educate entrepreneurial people combining academic knowledge with business practice in their programs, and hard and soft skills. The idea - the slogan of our university was from the very beginning of its existence "Knowledge - Skills - Competences", long before the same slogan appeared in the latest Law on Higher Education.

Our students can choose a form of study tailored to their organizational and financial possibilities depending on the chosen career path: e-learning (conducted since 2005). part-time (weekend) and full-time studies.

The main assumption of our study program is the unique formula "One study - two professions". Thanks to this, regardless of the chosen field of study, our graduate will be able to gain a second profession by choosing a very interesting and practical specialty.

The high quality of education at our University is confirmed by the GUARANTEE of finding a satisfying job - which we provide to our full-time students.

We offer a friendly, study atmosphere, comfortable studying conditions, and competitive, very low tuition fees.

We guarantee influence on the University's work through active student government and the Graduate Club.

We cordially invite you to our University - preferably one of many Open Days. Nothing more confirms the belief that we make the right choice than meeting the University and its students.

Those who have completed their basic academic adventure with a bachelor's or master's degree are invited to enjoy invariably successful post-graduate studies.

Because we offer:

  • interesting studies adapted to the needs of a rapidly changing, very difficult labor market.
  • an interesting program combining theoretical knowledge with the practice of socio-economic life.
  • simultaneous learning of two professions based on a proven in practice concept of combining subjects from the field of study (4 semesters) and from a given specialty (2 semesters) during studies.
  • a modern, proven since 2005 form of study based on a combination of traditional and distance learning, guaranteeing a high level of knowledge and skills obtained.
  • proper didactic care on the part of highly qualified academic staff and practitioners of economic life.
  • full-time studies with a guarantee of employment after their completion
    high, proven quality,
  • e-learning studies, which are a convenient form of study for students unable to reconcile the traditional form of study with their work or place of residence.
  • support for students in financial difficulties
  • financial support for talented and hardworking students.
  • the opportunity to gain additional knowledge during the workshops, seminars and open lectures we organize, conducted by the highest class specialists, scientists and managers
  • the possibility of continuing education at postgraduate studies with many very interesting specialties, available even directly after undergraduate studies

Until 2001, there was no university in Poland that focused on educating specialists prepared to properly use human potential in business, as well as in central and local government administration.

To meet the social and market demand, the School has decided to specialize in this area, emphasizing this fact by adopting the name College of Personnel Management.

On January 11, 2022, the Minister of Education and Science entered the new name of the University in the register of non-public universities from the previous: College of Personal Management in Warsaw to University Łukaszewski.

The goal of our university is to educate entrepreneurial people, preparing our students to perform professional functions in independent and managerial positions in business, in government and self-government administration, as well as to organize and manage their own company.

The didactic offer was prepared with a view to ensuring a high level of teaching and a strong competitive position of our graduates on the labor market.


Study time is not only hard work, but also fun, making friends and friendship for life. In a word, the fascinating world of student life, of which so much is heard! We hope that the Student Government operating at the university will attempt to integrate the academic community together with the School authorities, including through sport, scientific or journalistic activities.


A person who has a secondary school-leaving certificate and has submitted the required documents in accordance with the rules of enrollment for studies may become a student of the School.
Admission to students takes place upon matriculation and oath as follows:
I solemnly pledge that I will persistently strive to acquire knowledge and develop my personality, treat the school authorities and all members of its community with respect, respect the school's rights and academic customs, and care for the dignity and honor of the University of Personnel Management ;.


The general rights and obligations of students are set out in the Statute.
Detailed rights and obligations of students are set out in the School Studies Regulations which are adopted by the Senate Students have the right to associate, hold meetings, undertake political, sporting and cultural activities, etc.
In addition, students are entitled to medical care specified by law.
Students can submit their opinions, comments or demands to the university authorities directly or through the Student Government.


Pursuant to the school's statute, student organizations may operate on the school grounds
College student organizations are subject to registration.
Rector is the registering and keeping the register.
Student organizations operate on the basis of their Regulations.


Bachelor Studies


Full-time studies: 2 500 €

Online studies: 1 000 €

Entry fee: 200 €

Learning period: 3 years (6 semesters)

You can choose full-time or part-time mode!


Master studies


Learning period: 2 years (4 semesters)

Mode: full-time and part-time

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